Note: This section of is no longer being updated. It has been preserved to showcase the incredible generosity of hundreds of 7th Son fans.

Behold, the proud members of the Beta Clone Army. These faithful followers have purchased a T-shirt from the Official 7th Son Store, and provided proof of their dedication. If you’d like to be featured on this page, snap a photo of yourself and email it to J.C. And if you’d like to purchase a shirt — they’re are less than $15 a pop! — please visit the store at!


ROW 1: Joeseph Manich, John Cmar. Trucker Rich, William Crane, Andrea Gideon, Jerilyn Schleisner
ROW 2: Laura Burns, Stephanie, Christine Dewar, Leann Mabry, Tabz & Andrew Peterson, Marc Bailey & MA in PA, Michael Bekemeyer
ROW 3: Tom Martin, Arioch Morningstar, Chad Walker, Duncan Dewar, Eric Weiand, GM Shoger, Hitekwaiter & Destructo
ROW 4: John Cmar, Kate Kilroy2UK, Arioch Morningstar, Paul Tuck, Brian Hatridge, Heather, Stephen Jacob


ROW 1: JC Hutchins & Sheila & Leann & MA in PA, JC Hutchins, PG Holyfield, Jocelyn In Hong Kong, Brian From Wichita, Tracy, Jason Of West Oz
ROW 2: Eric Benzing, Mur Lafferty, Elmo From OK, Stephanie's Mom, Susan Z, Johan Nilsson, Tia Mija
ROW 3: Beth From Disability 411, Derek Jay Steen, Libby & Ben G, David Sica, Eric Meaders, Debbie From East Mesa, Kendall
ROW 4: Justin C Halstead, Jett, Captain Noffin, Bill Segulin, Marc Bailey, Stephane Hubert, Tasha Chapel
ROW 5: Mika Eloranta, Robin In Seoul, Paula Eaton & Myra Fox, Si Perry, Suzy Massey, Andy Dudley, Andrew Brunetto


ROW ONE: Morgan, Richard Read, Brian Garrett, Lynn "Lockjaw" Willis, Francis ODonovan, Brian Webber, Brian Webber 
ROW TWO: Hitekwaiter, MA in PA & Munchkin, Craig Campbell, Matthew Klein, John Clifford, Lori Hallerman, Maria & Ken Myrback
ROW THREE: Troy Davidson & Charlotte, Paul Fischer, Master Cougar, Master Cougar (Zombie Version), Froosh aka Robin, Sternod In The UK, Arioch Morningstar
ROW FOUR: Wifepick & Icepick, Gazaar, Alex Gilmour, Matt Navarre, Joseph Cartwright, Jennifer Lewis, Gaiman & Sharon Snyder & Coulton
ROW FIVE: Sharon Snyder, Bryan Sims, Dan On Tap, Charles Sporn, Christiana Ellis, Curt Arndt, Matt Wallace


ROW ONE: Dani Cutler, Paul Best, Will Hoffacker, Jeff Grenier, Richard Green, Tim Hines, Scott Breakall
ROW TWO: Matthew Blocker, Bilbo & Natalie M, Randy Noseworthy, Scooter & Matt Beckwith, Scooter, Neal Abshire, Patrick Donnelly
ROW THREE: Ed Talbot, Lynx, Steven Fick, Chris Lester, Jamie, Jeff Cope, Wired Pig
ROW FOUR: The Beta Cones, Lynette Radio (and Beta Clone #???), Darrin Snider